Runner’s MOTs

Lead time typically 4 weeks as many runners return for one or more follow-ups.

Are you constantly battling injuries you’d rather avoid, or do you simply want to run faster in your next race? Over the course of 90 minutes, I’ll assess your running style, strength and flexibility, then teach you drills to get you moving and running better. You’ll get a two-week trial to my membership site where you can access all the resources to work on what we’ve identified, plus a document detailing everything from the session.

Single MOT £60 with optional 1 year membership site access for £35 (including £10 discount)

Double MOT £120 with 1 year membership site access FREE, saving £35

Treble MOT £160 with 1 year membership site access FREE, saving £55

Packages are to be paid upon booking.

Online Running Coaching

A flexible coaching package that nevertheless leads to great results. Rather than a rigid plan written in 8-week blocks, I’ll review your runs and update your plan week by week, meaning we optimise your performance. Advice on strengthening, mobility and technique with catch-ups via video call.

6 months commitment at £86/month.

Online Running Coaching PLUS

Want to progress faster but your budget can’t stretch to 1-2-1 coaching?

You get everything from the Online Running Coaching, PLUS an additional monthly 1-2-1 studio session where we check out your strength, technique and mobility improvements, then tweak and progress your training as needed.

6 months commitment at £118/month.

1-2-1 Running Coaching

2 coaching spaces only.

Ideal for people who want to leave no stone un-turned. In addition to the online coaching plan, we swap our weekly 15-minute calls so you get a 60-minute in person session each week where we check-in on your progress, then used advanced strength training and stretching techniques and gym equipment for faster progress.

6-month commitment at £175/month.

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage can help you in a variety of ways depending on your goals and needs.

Many runners have sports massage as a corrective treatment for an injury, ache or pain. You might also use sports massage as a preventative tool or optimisation tool allowing you to boost performance in training and racing.

All massage clients get a written plan of action, often with exercises, foam rolling and stretching clearly set out in order to make it straightforward and give you great results in fewer sessions.

The first session 90-minute is used to perform assessments with a brief massage to ensure we start treatment in the best possible way.

£50 for 90-minute initial consultation.

£35 for 60 minute massage sessions.

Training Plans (by referral or pre-exisitng relationship only)

I’ve developed a system that’s truly effective and fully personalised to your needs. Most training plan packages from other coaches have generic sessions with paces being the major variable from one person’s plan to another, and offer “unlimited” emails which may or may not be answered. I include two 15-minute video calls in the training plans I offer, so we can check your progress and update the plan if needed, and am happy to answer some questions along the way.

To ensure great value for people, this service is only available for Norfolk based runners who know me personally, or by referral to ensure adherence to the plan and add a level of accountability you wouldn’t find from training plans from a coach you don’t know.

I’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help with creating the best possible plan to fit your lifestyle and goals. Packages include a Runner’s MOT which is a thorough assessment to reduce your risk of injuries and find the areas of strength and movement that’ll help you progress. Training plans that offer strength and mobility training without an assessment like this can only be generic in nature and not the bespoke plans they claim to be.

Your training plan will cover your weekly running sessions, as well as strength training, stretching/foam rolling and technical drills, to improve the way you run and maximise your race day potential.

£150 for a 12-week training plan, two 15-minute video calls and a Runner’s MOT. Equivalent to just £12.50/week.

£192 for a 16-week training plan, two 15-minute video calls and a Runner’s MOT. Equivalent to just £12/week.


Additional Sessions and Services

Sessions last 60 minutes and can cover the following topics

  • Hill running form – run faster and/or more easily up and down hills.
  • Stretching and foam rolling guidance – assessment of your movement and flexibility with instructions of where to focus.
  • Nutritional advice – face-to-face or via Zoom we look at how you can adjust food intake to reach your running goals.

£50 for non-clients.

£40 for clients.