1-2-1 Running Coaching


Ideal for people who want to leave no stone un-turned. Improve your strength, mobility and technique to run your fastest ever marathon. Training sessions weekly in my purpose-built Norwich studio, or via video calls, with a training plan detailing running, strength, technique and mobility work.

£211/month for 6 months. When you successfully complete month 6, I’ll give you £211 back. This will keep you motivated and consistent when training gets tough.

Online Running Coaching

Online Running Coaching


Using technology I’ll coach you to your fastest marathon. I’ll review your runs and update your plan week by week rather than planning 8 weeks ahead meaning we optimise your performance. Advice on strengthening, mobility and technique with catch-ups via email or messaging.

£95/month for 6 months. When you successfully complete month 6, I’ll give you £95 back. This will keep you motivated and consistent when training gets tough.

Runner’s MOT

Lead time typically 6 weeks as many runners return for 1-2 follow-ups.

Are you constantly battling injuries you’d rather avoid or do you simply want to run faster in your next race? Over the course of 90 minutes, I’ll assess your running style, strength and flexibility, then teach you drills to get you moving and running better. You’ll get a free trial to my membership site where you can access all the resources to work on what we’ve identify plus a document detailing everything from the session.

£60 per MOT. £110 for two MOTs (when booking one as a follow-up)

runners mot

Training Plans – Coming late 2021

Training Plans are currently in development.

I’m keen to develop a truly effective and personalised training plan method. At present I’m trialling this service in the build up to the Autumn 2021 marathon season with the idea of launching this in late 2021 to help people prepare for Spring 2022 marathons.

These will be very limited in number to ensure I can offer a more rounded service than simple running sessions templated as is often the case.

This service will also only be available for Norfolk based runners that I know to ensure accuracy of advice and extra details such as suggestions of where to run certain session types.

A Runner’s MOT, test run and questionnaire will need to be undertaken prior to the training plan starting so I can best serve people.

If you’re interested in a training plan, get in touch and I’ll add you to the shortlist of people who’ve already approached me.

Additional Sessions and Services

  • Exercise technique – checking for safe and effective technique.
  • Exercise technique plus narrated workout video (additional £20).
  • Hill running form – run faster and/or more easily up and down hills.
  • Stretching and foam rolling guidance – assessment of your movement and flexibility with instructions of where to focus.
  • Nutritional advice – face-to-face or via Zoom we look at how you can adjust food intake to reach your running goals.

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost £50.