Suzanne celebrating her 4-minute marathon PB

Suzanne approached me after a Runner’s MOT to help her. She had recently run 4 hours 32 minutes for the Loch Ness marathon and wanted to run her next marathon in close to 4 hours.

A fall in the early weeks of coaching led to 4 weeks out, then Covid-19 hit and all of Suzanne’s races were pushed back. We kept to a maintainable training load, ready for Paris in October… then that was cancelled.

After a week or two of easier training, it was time to increase mileage ready to give it her best shot at a virtual marathon in November.

When the day for her marathon arrived, Suzanne did a great job, breaking a 6 year stalemate with the marathon by finishing in 4:08:09. A 4 minute PB and 24 minute improvement over her last marathon despite a tougher course and non-racing conditions.

Suzanne plans to continue improving her times from this solid foundation.


Michelle at the end of her Virtual London Marathon


Michelle had never run a marathon before October 2020, and although the London Marathon being virtual wasn’t what we’d hoped for, Michelle worked hard regardless.

We’d worked together through Runner’s MOTs every 8 weeks from late 2018 to mid 2019 when Michelle took a break due to a change in her personal circumstance. Throughout this break though, Michelle continued following the advice I’d given her. During our previous work we’d taken her half marathon and 10 miles times down by several minutes each, but when I asked Michelle to run a 10k test run in June, I was astonished at her progress to be able to now run 47:05.

In October, Michelle ran the Virtual London Marathon on a tough route with challenging weather in 3:45:51. I was so pleased for her and impressed by her work throughout training.

We’ve since set a new target of 3 hours 35 minutes for London 2021.

“…Kyle is always there for advice and is the most friendly, supportive coach I have ever had the pleasure to work with!”.



James celebrating his success in NYC

James stopped by my studio in June, after his Manchester marathon in April. We started working together in August but training had reduced due to work demands, so we set a target of 3:36 for New York in November.

We started with a Runner’s MOT to look at how James ran, his strength and flexibility, then set a plan to improve these factors. Training wouldn’t be ideal as James travels with work, meaning some runs would be missed and jet lag would have an impact too.

Over the next 2 months however, James did a great job with his training and our sessions together, and in New York managed a new PB of 3:26:45. The incline of the course is 7 times that of Berlin where he set his previous PB in 2017, and 5 times that of Manchester where he ran 3:36 in April.

To say I was proud of James for all he achieved in this time would be an understatement.



Daniel during an off-road training run

Daniel approached me in May to get him ready for the Robin Hood 100 mile ultramarathon in just 4 months. It was a tall order as his A goal was sub 21hrs with the B goal of sub 24hrs, and it would be his first ultra.

Daniel worked incredibly hard, and was 100% committed, not missing a single run. On the big day he did amazingly well, finishing in 20hrs 51mins, placing 8th out of 150. He’s an absolute inspiration and proves what can be done with hard work and commitment.

“I went to see Kyle with the thought process of taking some of the pain away while running stupid distances. Building ankle and foot strength with form correction and suitably hard training plans all came together and I couldn’t recommend Kyle enough”.



Rachel finishing the Snetterton Half Marathon

Rachel contacted me to alleviate the recurring injuries that were stopping her progress. From her first MOT at the end of September, with a half marathon PB of 2:25 from 7 years before, Rachel wanted to reach 2:15 in the Lowestoft half in October, and sub 2 hours over time.

We set her up with exercises, stretches and drills which would improve her arm and upper body movement to make her more efficient.

When I saw Rachel again in December, she’d achieved 2:11 at Lowestoft and ran 2:03 in November. By sticking to her exercises and drills, Rachel was running better and had improved both flexibility and lower body power.

Afterwards Rachel joined one of my Run Faster courses and we’re working together to complete her first marathon at Loch Ness in 2021.

“Brilliant second MOT with Kyle this morning. Amazed at the progress I’ve made in the past ten weeks and the work we did today on my heel lift really made me look like a proper runner! My times have reduced amazingly with Kyle’s help and he’s really making me believe those long-dreamed of goals are achievable – thank you!“