We’ll look at you and your training in all its aspects to make sure you reach your goals.

It’s 100% about your wants and needs, and I’ll help you set realistic but challenging targets based on what you’re able to commit.

I’ll always recommend the package that’s most appropriate for you.




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Alongside my coaching business, I’m part of the coaching team at the Norfolk Gazelles running club as Head Coach working to grow the club and help the members succeed in achieving their running goals.

I’m a firm believer in working hard for what you want, but doing so intelligently.

I started running at 11 years old after an operation meant I couldn’t play other sports. Throughout my teens I dipped in and out of running around injury and changes of interests.

At 21 I trained as a personal trainer in 2012 and started my own company. I grew the business specialising in weight loss with other trainers joining my team over time. One of my clients who’d had great success had been a good runner and started doing Parkrun so when he invited me over to Sheringham Park for a run I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t as fit as I thought and decided to start running again, this time armed with years or learning and practice to avoid injuries.

Two years later I changed direction, ending my weight loss business and starting Runstoppable to help runners who had the problems I’d experienced. My own training grew and I began competing more seriously, leaning towards marathons, with my first being a 2 hours 51 minutes in 2019. I now specialise in coaching marathoners to reach their personal bests and have progressed my own times using the methods I apply with my clients.

I finished 3rd in the Sportlink Grand Prix series in 2019 and was awarded Male Road Runner of the year by the club I run for Wymondham AC in 2019.

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